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STEM Drones provides teachers around the country with both kits and curricula relating to the building and flying of multirotor drones.  Students learn all about the physics behind flight and the electronics within these small technological marvels.  The inner workings of drones are the perfect project for STEM / STEAM students in nearly any environment.

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Drones have been captivating people for many years now and what better way is there to ensure that your students stay on the leading edge of this relatively new technology than to dive deep into learning how they work!

STEM Drones products are like no other and have excited students beyond our wildest belief.  To examine and build a drone from scratch and then to learn to fly it is as engaging as any STEM project can get.

We’re crazy excited about how well we’ve been able to draw students into building and flying drones.  Each kit and associated curriculum is different and offers myriad choices for complexity and level of detail.

Students keep coming back for more – never wanting to put down their kits – always pushing to get to the point of flying and testing what they created.

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About Us

Why We Are Leaders

STEM Drones is founded by a High School Physics educator (27 years) who has been flying remotely piloted aircraft since the 1960’s.  Combining his love for modeling and building with his educational background and familiarity with current Science / STEM / STEAM programming, Joe Warwick has created the perfect platform to spread this type of learning far and wide.

The founder of STEM Drones has been a Physics educator for 27 years at a large High School in Southeastern Pennsylvania.  He currently heads the Science department and approves all curricula utilized by other teachers.

For the last 17 years, the founder of STEM Drones has operated a popular Summer camp called Physics and Flight.  Campers spend a full week learning all about the mechanics of flight – from hot air ballooning to the advanced electronics in consumer drones.  Filling up every year in different venues, Physics & Flight has been the perfect early test bed for the STEM Drones products.

For the last several years, the developers of STEM Drones have been actively involved in training groups of adults how to fly drones.  Private and individual instruction along with intense training of law enforcement and public safety officials are a regular part of the activities lately.

About our Founder

Joe Warwick

The creator of STEM Drones and lead developer of curricula

Community Involvement


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Physics & Flight Summer Camp

Physics and Flight is where STEM Drones started.  This Summer camp, running for the last 17 years, has helped develop some of our curricula along with years of testing our incredibly fun to build drone kits.



The people that make up STEM Drones often interact with the community through participation in local events.  From sponsorship to vendor booths and demonstrations, STEM Drones loves to get involved!


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